Biofilms, Dirty Dog Bowls, Pyometra and Other Ailments

Most people have been guilty of not washing their dog’s food or water bowl on a daily basis. After all, they eat things off the ground outside so how bad could using the unwashed bowl from this morning’s food be?

I’ve been in homes where it’s clear the dog bowl hasn’t been cleaned in a while and the outside water bowl has green slime. Those obviously need to be washed, but just because the water dish has a little film in the bottom it shouldn’t be an issue, right?

Well, it turns out it can be pretty bad. Not only do we need to scrub the bowls with hot, soapy water every day, we also need to bleach them once a week. The article below describes the nasty things that can happen if our pet’s bowls aren’t thoroughly cleaned each day. For your pet’s sake, please read it and CLEAN THOSE BOWLS!

Bowls, Biofilms and Pyometra