Laura's Training Philosophy


Don't you just love it when you return home and your dog greets you at the door with a smiling face and wagging tail? No matter what kind of mood you're in your dog is always there for you, loving you unconditionally. They make you laugh when you've had a bad day and cuddle with you when you need it most. They think of us as their best friends; we should treat them, and train them, as if they are ours.

The training methods used at AAU are reward based, using toys, praise, petting, food and anything else your dog or pig tells you he wants. This doesn't mean we don't ever tell them they are incorrect or that there aren't consequences for certain actions, but our job is to educate, not punish.

At Animal Attraction Unlimited the goal is to help you build the relationship you've always wanted with your dog or pig. Laura guides you in understanding your pet and how to teach them the things you want them to learn. If you understand how your pet learns and is motivated you can get them to do practically anything you want...and have fun doing it!