los angeles dog trainerAnimal Attraction Unlimited was founded in 1989 by Laura Bourhenne to help enrich the lives of pets and the people they live with through her training programs.   AAU offers private, in-home dog training for basic obedience and behavior modification throughout the Los Angeles and Ventura County areas. In addition to teaching basic dog obedience Laura also works to change unwanted behaviors. She commonly teaches things like basic puppy behaviors and house manners and deals with problem behaviors like dog aggression, object/food guarding, separation anxiety, lack of socialization, and more.

Laura does not believe in a "one-size fits all" approach to dog training.  All dog training programs are specifically designed with each individual dog and family situation in mind so your dog is taught what is relevant to you & your lifestyle. More than 25 years ago Laura earned her degree in Exotic Animal Training from Moorpark College.  She is a Professional Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, an Associate Member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the CCPDT.dog training calabasas and woodland hills

At Animal Attraction Unlimited the goal is to help you build the relationship you've always wanted with your dog; to guide you in understanding what motivates them and how we can use those motivations to teach them the things we want them to learn. If you understand how dogs learn and how to motivate them, you can get them to
do practically anything you want.  The training methods used are reward based, using toys, praise, petting, food and anything else your dog tells you he wants.  By focusing on what we want our dogs TO DO rather than what NOT to do, we become a leader that is a partner instead of a dictator; an ally rather than an adversary.

So if your dog is unruly and you'd really like him to have house manners and be a wonderful member of your family, call Laura today!

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For more information on how Laura can help you train your dog or puppy use the contact form above or give her a call.