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ASPCA Poison Control Center App

Posted by Laura Bourhenne on Jan 30, 2015 11:35:06 PM

The ASPCA has a new APP for your phone.  It's their Animal Poison Control Center Mobile App; a must have for anybody with pets.  Especially important if you travel a lot with your dogs and may not always know where the closest vet is.  This app may just buy you the time you need to get your pet to a vet. 

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Pet Stores and Puppy Mills

Posted by Laura Bourhenne on Aug 6, 2009 3:22:42 PM

I have a client from a few years ago who is a very nice woman and is now a friend. She hired me when she got a cocker spaniel/poodle mix from a local pet store. I refuse to call it a breed, because it isn't, it's a mix. I have absolutely no issue with mixed breeds as most of mine have been mixes. What I do have a problem with is people purposely breeding 2 different breeds to make mixes and then selling them for exorbitant amounts of money and calling them "designer" dogs. Especially when there are so many perfectly great mixes, and purebreds I might add, sitting in the shelters being euthanized every day. Sorry for the rant, I'll get back to my story now.

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