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ASPCA Poison Control Center App

Posted by Laura Bourhenne on Jan 30, 2015 11:35:06 PM

The ASPCA has a new APP for your phone.  It's their Animal Poison Control Center Mobile App; a must have for anybody with pets.  Especially important if you travel a lot with your dogs and may not always know where the closest vet is.  This app may just buy you the time you need to get your pet to a vet. 

Topics: ASPCA, ASPCA poison control,, poison control for pets,, pet safety

Classical Conditioning: A Practical Application

Posted by Laura Bourhenne on Aug 13, 2014 1:29:21 PM

Remember that article I wrote about using positive reinforcement to change behavior when dealing with aggression? Well, obviously the scenario in it was hypothetical (the part about the snakes). That's not to say that it won't work, because it definitely would. However, since it was hypothetical I wanted to give you a real story using classical conditioning with a semi-feral cat.

Topics: classical conditioning, feral cat training, handling a feral cat

Why you should be concerned about your overweight dog

Posted by Laura Bourhenne on Aug 13, 2014 1:27:57 PM

I saw this article yesterday and just had to write something about it since obese dogs are one of my biggest pet peeves. About 20 years ago when I graduated from school my very first client had a huge German Shepherd. When I say huge, I mean *huge*. He weighed over 120#. When I'd take him out to train him people were impressed with his size & say "wow, how much does he weigh?", as if it were a good thing. My response to them was always "thirty pounds more than he should."

Topics: Dog weight, overweight dogs, obese dogs, concern about your dog's weight

Leash Reactivity

Posted by Laura Bourhenne on Aug 13, 2014 1:12:00 PM

One of the calls I get most often is about dogs that are leash reactive and dog aggressive. This could mean they make noise, bark & lunge because they are happy to see the dog or person approaching, or it could mean they are not so happy to see what's coming towards them or behind a fence they are walking past. Sometimes the dogs themselves are conflicted and don't know what they want.  Either way, it can be nerve wracking for both the person handling the dog as well as the subject at which the dog is reacting.    

Topics: dog aggression, Leash reactivity, dog reactive, leash aggression, barrier frustration

When rough dog play goes bad

Posted by Laura Bourhenne on Aug 13, 2014 1:06:54 PM


The following is about a young, large breed dog who was playing roughly and becoming aggressive with another dog in the household. This is how we fixed it. As an update, the two are playing great together and the larger, younger dog won't even be outside without a toy in his mouth now.

Topics: rough play, interhousehold dog aggression, dog to dog aggression, rough play in dogs

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